The Directors

Vision Pharmacy Irfan Motala

Muhammad Irfan Motala

Irfan offers a caring and personal approach to his patients, having more than 15 years experience he very quickly puts patients at ease, he ensures that all his patients benefit from the latest evidence based drug treatments and services, Irfan qualified from the North East of England in Sunderland.

He currently holds Superintendant Pharmacist position at Sheridan of the Vision Pharmacy group; he has a deep understanding of Pharmacy Finance, Human Resources and Pharmacy Politics and has led innovative projects. He is an active member of the Local Pharmacy Committee and has been instrumental, and has played a key role in developing the modern vision for the profession and continues to innovate for the benefit of pharmacists and patients alike.

Recently, Irfan has been highly commended for saving woman's life after an allergic reaction to sunflower seeds. The Article was published in various newspapers throughout the United Kingdom including 'The Telegraph and Argus' and 'Leicester Mercury'.

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Vision Pharmacy Faizal Patel

Faizal Patel

Faizal has been in the Pharmacy sector for almost Ten years, graduating from Leicester School of Pharmacy in 2005 he pretty much stayed behind in the Midlands Area constantly scanning the marketplace to spot gaps where clinical need has not been met.

Faizal's decision to create his own company full time came in 2009 after strategically exploring options available, taking into consideration current and future market dynamics and trends, to decide which path to take that matches our "Vision" of making the world a healthier place. Faizal has a very strong work ethic and believes hard work and the support of family and friends is the only magic potion for success, this ethos and discipline is successfully passed on to the future pharmacists every year who enrol on to our Pre-registration training programme.

Outside work Faizal is pretty much the same, having excellent organisational skills to keep things running smoothly; fulfilling all daily responsibilities and chores are one of his many extended helpful talents. He thrives off healthy eating and balanced lifestyle which results in regular visits to the gym and swimming. Moreover, he is an active member of Leicester community, branching out to all areas, he lends a helping hand to many local events and never hesitates in talking to our youth with guidance and motivation.

For any enquiries please contact Faizal on: