Vision Pharmacy Prescription

Prescription Services

At Vision Pharmacy, we strive to provide the most efficient prescription service including both NHS and Private Prescriptions. We also run an electronic prescription service where we collect your prescriptions from the surgery and have them ready for collection. A free delivery service is available to your convenience.

Vision Pharmacy Medical advice

Health and Medicine Advice specialists

We provide additional services such as a medicine reviews (health MOT) for our all customers, enabling our customers to understand the types of medication they are taking, as well as allowing our trained professionals the opportunity to enhance patient well being.

Vision Pharmacy products

Specialist Products Provider

We provide specialist products all over the United Kingdom, including the highly popular Dabur Vatika and Himalaya ranges, at competitive prices. Please contact our Group Manager for further information.

Prescription Collection and Delivery Service for free

Vision Pharmacy ensures all of our customers receive their medication quickly and effectively. Vision Pharmacy provides prescription and collection throughout the branches. We provide free delivery service for our customers which would ensure our patients receive their medicines on time. Please contact your local branch for further information.

Electronic Prescription

Vision Pharmacy has always had a strong focus on ensuring our customers receive their prescriptions effectively. The Pharmacies specialise and offer an electronic prescription service. This would enable the GP or a hospital to automatically submit a prescription on the customers behalf directly to the pharmacies. This in result would enable the pharmacies to prepare the medication for their customers in advance and it would be ready once they arrive. Please nominate your local Vision Pharmacy to get on this service.

Over the Counter Medicine and also order specifically

There are wide range of medicines covering many health issues, which the pharmacies stock, please take benefit from these medicines and expert advice from our team. Vision Pharmacy also ensures our customers get bespoke service to meet their individual requirements. Specific Orders can also be made for certain types of medication, Vision Pharmacy would also ensure the customer is notified once the medicine is available.

Medicine Review for Individuals (Human MOT)

Vision Pharmacy offers a free service, the Medicines Use Review, enabling the pharmacist to understand the customers medicine intake. The pharmacist in result advises the customers regarding their medicines and analyses if there could be any amendments to enhance their health. Vision Pharmacy believes Medicine consumption for customers should be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure optimum effect and no side effects are being experienced.

Private prescriptions

Vision pharmacy also dispenses Private prescriptions at competitive prices. If you have a Private prescription please call your local Vision Pharmacy branch for a discounted price on medicines ranging from antibiotics and anti-malarials and drugs for erectile dysfunction, hair loss and many other conditions.

Disability Aids

Our Pharmacies are well stocked on a wide range of disability aids, ensuring customers have the appropriate aids to meet their requirements and to make life that little bit easier. Some product can be made to measure and these can be ordered to suit customer needs.

Substance Misuse including Needle Exchange

Vision Pharmacy provides Substance Misuse and Needle Exchange services for our customers. This ensures customers have the correct facilities and services to address their issues confidentially and without embarrassment. Customers can contact the branches over the phone for an initial assessment.

Pregnancy tests, Passport Photos and Additional Services

There are various types of services Vision pharmacy provides ranging from pregnancy testing to passports photos. These are dependent on each of the branches; call your branch today to see how we can help you!