Irfan Motala Vision Pharmacy

Irfan Motala saves woman's life after she has allergic reaction to sunflower seed biscuits

29th May, 2014

Irfan Motala, the Director from Vision Pharmacy had saved a woman's life after an allergic reaction. The Article was published in various newspapers throughout the United Kingdom. The Article below was published in the in 'The Telegraph And Argus' and Leicester Mercury.

A Pharmacist has been praised for his quick actions in treating a woman who collapsed after she suffered an extreme reaction to sunflower seeds. Irfan Motala, who lives in Ladybridge, was at the chemist shop he owns in Leicester when the 21-year-old suffered an anaphylactic reaction. She was collecting a prescription from the pharmacy when she collapsed. The 39-year-old father-of-four leapt into action and gave the woman — who had accidentally eaten biscuits containing sunflower seeds — an adrenalin shot. Mr Motala said: “As soon as her husband mentioned she was allergic to sunflower seeds, and because of the prescription she had, I knew she had an anaphylactic reaction. “I used the Epipen and an ambulance was called. As we are in a health centre a doctor came to see and I gave her another injection.”

Mr Motala, who also owns pharmacies in Derby and Rochdale, said he had not experienced someone suffering an anaphylactic shock before. He added: “They are quite rare and it is important we raise awareness of it, by doing that we can save lives. “It was quite shocking. Nothing like this has happened to me before and am just glad I was able to help. “Epipens are only available by prescription but in a situation like this, an emergency, anyone can use them.” Neal Patel, spokesman for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, said: “Irfan has shown fantastic presence of mind to take life saving actions to help this patient when she needed it most. “Pharmacists are always on hand to help the public with health advice and medicines. Irfan has shown what a great combination of skills pharmacists have and how they can deploy these to help people in emergency situations. “I take my hat off to him, he’s a real local hero.”

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